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Walk-in Closet storage

Walk-in Closet Storage


Extra storage space is always a MUST, whether you’re staying put or selling your home, but if you’re planning to sell, maximizing your easy closet space is important. Extra storage helps attract house buyers and lets you maintain organization while the house is still yours.

Walk-in Closet

Adding storage space could be costly, so unless you are ready to part with the money your first step must be to refurbish your Walk-in Closet. You could do it, and for lesser money than you may think. Let us begin.

1st Step: De-clutter

Do you need to keep all those things? I am as guilty as anybody out there of hanging into things, and my downfall is paperwork, everything from used magazines to 15 year old checks. Walk-in Closet


Assess Bedroom Closets

Are there rods running from end in each easy closet, with a shelf above every rod? That organization is usual in the traditional closets we see in bedrooms, and sometimes in walk in closets.

How about the clothes, are they boxed so tightly that you cannot find what you are looking for? Are the shelves on top filled with stuffs you have not seen for so many years?

Begin emptying the easy closets, individually, putting things in 3 piles:

1. Things to store… that’ll stay in the easy closet

2. Things to set out… trash, sell, donate

3. Stuffs that are placed in the wrong spot… place it in a bin to tote bag to other places

Every Budget

Look at the things that’ll be stored back in the closet. Is the things mostly clothes, or odds-and-ends? Do you have lots of shoes? Belts and ties? Sweaters? Lots more short things than full length clothing? There are helpers accessible for each storage need and budget:

• Turn the top part, catch all shelf in shelves that stretches to the ceiling. That’ll keep things separated and let you retrieve things very easily, without getting stack of boxes down on your shoulder.

• Increase storage space for short things by setting up double deck rods in a part of each easy Walk-in Closet.

• Go farther and setup special modules in a part of the closet–with shelves and slots for shoes, drawers or cubbies for clothes that must be folded, and built ins for special items.

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Dressing Room Design

Dressing room design.

A dressing room is a real luxury, but ideal for a box room or a room that can only be accessed through another bedroom. Whether it’s going to add value depends on the overall balance of your home – taking a three-bedroom house down to a two would be inadvisable. But if you have three good-sized bedrooms plus a box room, it could be a good choice.

Douglas Gibb/ Redcover.com

The Dressing Room Must Haves

  • As this is likely to be a small space, a chair bed is more practical than a sofa bed.
  • Layout is crucial if you want the room to have flexibility in the future. Leave one wall free of cupboards so that future owners can fit in a bed (even if it’s a single) if they need to.
  • Fitted cupboards will make the most of space and provide storage for everything from spare bed linen and clothes to makeup. Don’t forget to factor in extra storage for bedding in the hard to reach areas at the top and bottom.
  • Good lighting around a mirror is a bonus – and the bigger the mirror, the bigger the room will feel.
  • Colours should be clean and soothing – nothing too bright or patterned that would detract from the art of dressing.

Fitted bedroom furniture, for example from , Dressing room design.

See our review of the best sofa beds around, but if space is a problem, an inflatable mattress is ideal. Look for airbeds that self inflate – AeroBed mattresses fill via an electric pump in just a minute.

Dressing room design.

Truckle beds that slot beneath a single bedframe are a good space-saving option if you need a double bed, as are single beds that have a second mattress that flips up to form a double .





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Restore Stainless Steel and Granite Damaged by Cillit Bang | Cleaning Guides


quickleen-s stainless steel cleaner


How do I restore stainless steel hob following the use of cillit bang, which has left blotchy stains? I cleaned the hob with cillit bang, however, I left it on for too long. Now, it has left horrible, blotchy marks.. This has also ruined granite worktops as well. Please, can you advise?

Cillit Bang is a cleaning product made from a combination of sulfamic and phosphoric acids. Although it is safe for many cleaning applications, it should never be used on acid sensitive materials, including some metals and granite.

Granite polish

if you have stainless steel that has been damaged by acid, it’s almost impossible to repair it. You may have some success immediately after the acid spills by rinsing the object, then buffing the affected area with quickleen-s stainless steel cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth. 

Similarly, granite worktops or countertops won’t recover from acid damage without being refinished. Depending on the amount of damage, you will probably need to call in a professional for restoration. For light damage, a commercially available granite polish may improve the appearance of the granite. To use, follow the directions on the label of the product you choose.

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Tips For Cleaning Stainless Steel Reviews

stainless steel cleaner

It’s no abstruse that stainless steel cleaner is one of the a lot of airy abstracts accessible on the bazaar today. That’s why it’s acclimated, abrasive, for a advanced array of both domiciliary and automated items, including machines. Charwoman stainless animate is important in adjustment to bottle its chromium finish. Without it, the metal is just as decumbent to blight and befoul as any other.

There are a advanced amount of methods for charwoman stainless steel. Likewise, there are aswell a amount of means to, abrasive, anticipate damage. It’s a acceptable abstraction to abolish the stains as bound as possible. Although stainless animate doesn’t besmear easily, abrogation it abandoned risks absolution the clay set in and it can eat abroad at the chrome.

Take agenda of the actuality that the superior of the accomplishment may alter with anniversary device. Although cleaning stainless steel durable, it can be damaged by acrid cleaners that blemish, abrasive, abroad the chrome. If you’re accomplishing accepted cleaning, use a affable bactericide like bowl soap alloyed with balmy water. It’s important to adulterate the bactericide as it can do just as abundant accident as able actinic cleansers. If the stainless animate already has tough, harder to abolish stains such as burnt food, the best affair to do is to let it absorb for a while. If it absolutely will not appear off again authority off that bartering cleaner for just a little while longer. What you can do is ample up the pan with, abrasive, hot baptize and again yield a dryer bolt softener area and bead it in. From here, all you accept to do is let it absorb until the aliment comes off on its own. If you’ve got problems, abrasive, with bedimmed pots on the added hand, use old or ashamed tomatoes and put them in the pot with some water. Let this, abrasive, admixture simmer for about bisected an hour and again it will apple-pie out effortlessly, abrasive, .

When you’re done rinsing, dry them off with a bendable anhydrate or bolt to abstain baptize spots. Just clean them in the administration of the brightness curve so you don’t blemish the finish. If you’ll be charwoman brushed stainless animate again use babyish oil and a cardboard towel. This will leave it searching just like new.

Cleaning stainless steel with the use of bottle cleaner or domiciliary ammonia is best aloof for fingerprints. Be abiding to bathe them thoroughly admitting as some of the chemicals may latch, abrasive, assimilate the material. New types of finishes for stainless animate are thankfully no best fingerprint magnets. These are bigger to use abnormally if you accept kids around.

These aforementioned techniques, abrasive, can, abrasive, aswell be acclimated in charwoman stainless animate accessories about the kitchen. Just administer the aforementioned bubbling baptize band-aid with a non-abrasive blot so as not to accident the surface. If charwoman stainless steel, all you absolutely accept to bethink are the following: 1) never mix bootleg cleaners with bartering cleaners, 2) never use achromatize and 3) apprehend the characterization and chase the instructions if you adjudge to use annihilation bought from the store.

For more great information on cleaning stainless steel

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Stainless steel cleaner

I have finally found the ultimate stainless steel appliance cleaner. guess what? It’s called the ultimate40 stainless steel cleaner. Not only is it a cleaner but it has a polish built into it, and it has a lovely lemon smell.

I have tried everything else, will not mention brand names but by chance I had an appliance engineer visit our showroom and he left us a Tin to play with. Gee it was amazing how quickly it removed finger prints, grease without smears, I mean without smear, gleaming, I tried to find it in the local stores and DIY shops but only online at http://www.stainlesssteelcleaner.co.uk

Stainless steel cleaning  is simple if you have the right product for the job.

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